Desde Guatemala

Dallin Davis' Mission Experience

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ides of Marzo

What!?! Mom recommenced with the interrogations:

Does it feel like you've been gone for that long?
Do you have transfers coming soon?
Will you be changed?
How is the training going?
Will this missionary be a good trainer one day too?
How are your investigators?
How many do you have again?
Anyone you need us to pray for?

That it great to hear abotu the work I really am super excited to see that the blessing of the Lord are in our lives. It doesnt seem long at all that I was in the MTC my first area baptism but here I am. I tlooks lik eI will change area in april but nobody knows. The training is going great. He is getting a ton better. Honestly he has a great potential as a missionary and person in general.We have many investigators and people to pray for but the work is great we have a few families the Cordero the Gomes and the Jetellá. They are our stars right now. Alright love you Mom and all that you do.

Pop's scraps:

You are right about the seasons it is either raining or not that is the big split. ITs funny to hear about weddings because it is sooo hard for us to realize one but we will achieve that is actually one thing we have got big right now is some families are getting married then baptized. I am so scared to leave this area because it is kind of a big possibility that I am gone 18 of april (I know right before the year). But I know thwe Lord has a purpose in todo. I love being hereand serving. Love you Dad and all that you do for us.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back 2 Back Months with Pix

Dallin and his mom decided not to write each other today. There were photos shared however.

Oh Brandon...... Well the life sounds great in AZ. I would agree with Bro larson everthing is really cheap but the plain tick is ridiculous. With the doctrine and the aplicacion of the lesson it is really simple to teach you really can keep it on the basics, but you do have to be direct. You can talk about the Great Apostasy all you want but if you dont say that thier is only one united church on the face of the earth that has all the truth they just wont get it. I love studying the doctrine but you gotta be careful that it is always concentrated on the needs of the Investigators. Easter doesn´t exist down here it is Holy WEEK. They decorate the streets and have parades like notyhing else. Well that is the cultural side, Righth now the wqork is smoothing out we had some rough weeks in the past but most of it was just not planning well. We have a family with baptismal dates for the 1st of April. We are also looking at mich more the is the last trial in this next coming week to get them to the covenant of baptism. Love you Dad take care and hope you have a good Restfull week.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Dog I Never Had

I did get the recipies Thankyou. THe picture of Dad is sooooo classic. That sounds really cool about the musical group. I cant remember if I saw them but the name sounds familiar. Well I would like to see how long the dog makes it in the house but that will be something really new. I really am going to work on these recipies though. Well here we are working it looks like the rainy season is about to start up again but the new shoes got here just in time, Also I still got the boots. I know for sure that we will be here till April. we just gotta keep working. The work is always good and we have a ton o fblessings. Alright Love you mok and I will write to you next week.

Bonus de Padre:

Well upon reading mom´s email first I knew what yours was going to be about. I Know what you mean about pet though. After seeing soooo many dogs in the streets it is a little tireing. But maybe it will still be there when I come back but doubtful. That is so wierd to think about the re-aligned ward I knew that Todd´s sister was in our ward but i just forgot to tell you. It is wierd to think about the whole year thing and everythin. Kind-of worked up too much. I do like to think about the memories in this past year though. Conference will be sweet here we are going to have baptismal services on stake levels here in the mission in between Sunday sessions. "whiteout" is what they say. Well that is going to need some planning and I will keep you posted in that. Alright Love you Dad and all that you do. Just know that it is all for your good in these times of trial. Have a furry.............. very good week!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leap Day Eve

No question theme continues:

Well this week was great here in Guatemala. wow ammon is 14 that is wierd to think about. that a is great story about uncle Jeff. well ward activity sounds great and seems like I only know half the ward now. We have alot of people to work with right now I am not going to lie this month is going to be crazy fun with missionary work. I saw that you wrote package"s" I did get the one from you guys but I didnt know I was waiting for another or was that a typo. Well The package was fantastic. Some Elders did laugh at the pedameter but they wont be laughin gwhen I got good waliking form and know how many steps I take in a week. I am not going to lie I am missing the food. I f you could send me some recipies for hamburger patties and the salsa recipie that would be great. Love you mom and all that you do

Note to Dad:

Wow feburary just flew by. well I dont know the time is werd right now it goes by fast just all of the sudden. ya I was thinking about the birthdays in feburary pretty hectic as always. I am really excited for this upcoming month we are going to be on fire I can a¡only hope with all of my minght that I dont have transfers. Well things are good in Guatemala the mision has great goals and I am going to put in my part no matter where I am. Thanks for the love Dad and al th e support. I am keeping these short to feed the photo monster.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Froo Froo February

I dont know about the transfers but the training is going great. That is super cool to hear everything went well with Angela´s baptism. Haha you sound so rich went you say it like that "we batted a few sets with the Whites then after we took a breather with some spiced ginger ale" no just joking. Well we are always working here with a few families basically the only challened we have is getting them to church. Have any ides or suggestiones? Well love you guys and all that you do mom. Thankyou for the love and support. i am now going to try to send pictures

Monday, February 13, 2012

BDay Boy

No questions from Mom. Still in shock from pictures:

Thanks mom for pictures they are really good. I dont know about hte
package it might be in the office but we will see monday. Ya this
monday we worked like always just at the end we got to a members house
and they found out so they made me a cake and sang for me. I was
thankfull for that. I really am blessed to be a missionary. Well taht
was the week now I am going to TRY To send photos its always sooo
hard. I love you mom.

Note to Dad:
Wow that is really cool about uncle Bill. I do like the interview. Ya
grandpa´s birhtday was yesterday. He would be 85 right? Isnt Arizona
100 now? Well the work is still progressing we already have goals for
april and march which are204 for two months in a row. Here in barcenas
everthing is going great my kid is really learning fast and is on the
ball. We are trying to get two or three families baptised in march
that would make me sooo happy because this families are great and I
know are choosen. I hear that Angela is getting baptised preety soon
so That will be a great service. We did baptise A little old lady who
is already showing us her family man she is soo pilas. Alright I love
you Dad and all the support I will pray for the family and I hope josh
just but his head on straight. i will right to you guys next week.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pictures? We don't need no stinkin Pictures!! Okay we actually do!

No q's:

Okay okay I am going I love you and I want them in spanish

Dad's note:

well I forgot about the whole singing thing in the morning it is funny how it always works out. That or you break into the bathroom and sing to me in the shower. The baptismal count was 221. Yes it was 5 weeks but we already have plans to do the 204 back to back in april and may. So you want to loose weight but "hit" the fry bread.......... just wanted to be clear I understood right. What it looks like is that I am going to hit the year with my kid and I will have two areas this one and the last. I dont see tie as an enemy but I way to make sure I am working. My kid is from Honduras. He is really small and comes from a family of 14. His parents are converts and has a great testimony. He is 18 years old (youth at the age of 18 in central america can fill out papers). His name is elder Paguada. We are working hard and he definately has faith like it is always with newbees. Thankyou for all the love and support. I love and always keep up with those stairs