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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ides of Marzo

What!?! Mom recommenced with the interrogations:

Does it feel like you've been gone for that long?
Do you have transfers coming soon?
Will you be changed?
How is the training going?
Will this missionary be a good trainer one day too?
How are your investigators?
How many do you have again?
Anyone you need us to pray for?

That it great to hear abotu the work I really am super excited to see that the blessing of the Lord are in our lives. It doesnt seem long at all that I was in the MTC my first area baptism but here I am. I tlooks lik eI will change area in april but nobody knows. The training is going great. He is getting a ton better. Honestly he has a great potential as a missionary and person in general.We have many investigators and people to pray for but the work is great we have a few families the Cordero the Gomes and the Jetellá. They are our stars right now. Alright love you Mom and all that you do.

Pop's scraps:

You are right about the seasons it is either raining or not that is the big split. ITs funny to hear about weddings because it is sooo hard for us to realize one but we will achieve that is actually one thing we have got big right now is some families are getting married then baptized. I am so scared to leave this area because it is kind of a big possibility that I am gone 18 of april (I know right before the year). But I know thwe Lord has a purpose in todo. I love being hereand serving. Love you Dad and all that you do for us.

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